Installation of a system for the operation at constant value

Nastec inverters are able to manage the speed variation of a pump, not only limited to the start-stop phases but also during the entire running time of the motor.

They are in fact specifically designed for the electronic control and management of pumping systems.
Achieving the objective of guaranteeing:

  • operating economy
  • constant pressure
  • efficiency

But not only this:

The waste of energy typical of the groups pumps (manage by pressure switches or other electronic equipment) is canceled due to:

  • eduction of inrush currents at starting phase
  • lower absorption of the electric pumps in steady state
  • gradual shutdown of the motors whose rotation is modulated, according to the quantity of liquid taken from the system

The gentleness with which the pumps start and stop also contributes to the substantial reduction of water hammer for the benefit of the comfort and longevity of the system.
Furthermore, the Nastec inverters can be installed both on the motor and on the wall, guaranteeing protection to the system from failures cause, for example, by overvoltages, anomalous current absorption, dry running or with closed delivery.

Let’s see below how to install a system for constant pressure mode: the most diffused and common among the types of installation and control type:

Installation of a system for the operation at constant value