ADPRO (Analog-Digital PROtector) is a Nastec accessory for protecting analog and digital inputs from external overvoltages, using internal surge protectors.

It is particularly suitable for use with long connection cables (> 20 m – 65 ft) or in installations prone to possible lightning strikes.

The device also allows for the conversion of up to two 0-10 V analog signals into 4-20 mA analog signals. By positioning the jumpers J3 corresponding to the 4-20 mA indication, it is indeed possible to convert the 0-10V signal into a 4-20 mA signal for analog inputs AN3 or AN4 in case they are of the 0-10V type.

The ADPRO device must only be used in conjunction with the following products:

  • VASCO – VAriable Speed COntroller
  • VASCO Solar – VAriable Speed COntroller MP
  • MIDA
  • MIDA Solar MP
  • HMA
  • CM/ CM MP
  • SUND


The ADPRO device features two symmetrical terminal blocks. The first (marked INPUT) must be connected to the respective terminals of the Nastec devices to be protected, while the second (marked OUTPUT) must be connected to external devices (sensors, analog and digital outputs, external commands, etc.).

Furthermore, there are two ground connections via 6.35mm male faston connectors.

One must be compulsorily connected with a cable of high cross-section and reduced length to the equipotential ground node of the system, while the other is available to ground any protection conductors coming from external devices.

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