About us

Nastec was established in 2007 with the purpose of achieving a range of pumps and accessories in which the combined knowledge of electronics and hydraulics could give birth to a new generation of products with higher reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ease of use together with lower energy consumption.

” Each Nastec product is the result of maximum integration between electronics, mechanics and hydraulics “

Nastec key values


The technical department consists of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineers. The knowledge on electrical motors and, in particular, on submersible motors, allows us to develop advanced products in terms of performance, reliability and efficiency.

The internal software development is conducted through continuous updates designed to meet the increasing demands of applications. That’s why our  inverters are appreciated worldwide for completeness of functions and ease of programming.

In our laboratory, equipped with hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipments, are carried out extensive tests of durability and safety before new products approval. Particular attention is paid to electromagnetic compatibility.

Ingegnere del team Nastec lavora ad un progetto al computer

Highly qualified staff follows the production at every stage. The production is characterized by strict incoming and outgoing controls.

Each product, before leaving the factory, is tested extensively in nominal operating conditions. The test stations are connected to the company computer system to continuously monitor the quality performance of the manufacturing process. In most cases, the testing time is 30% of the total production time.

Nastec production

“ Nastec carefully selects each mechanical and electronic component used in its products.”


Nastec carefully selects each mechanical and electronic component used in its products. The serial number reported in each of our products allows us an immediate trace of the supplier.