Nastec NOW app 3.8.7

Thanks to Nastec NOW App 3.8.7 it’s possible to communicate with all Nastec devices Bluetooth® SMART

MCE 2020 postponed

Fiera di Milano announced that MCE 2020 is postponed to 2022

MIDA Solar MultiPower guarantees the operation of the pump at any time of the day

Nastec MIDA Solar MP controls the peaks of water demand using AC input to avoid the oversizing of the photovoltaic system.

NSC - Nastec Solar Calculator

Nastec Solar Calculator is the software for the sizing of solar pumping systems.

Nastec REMO - remote control

REMO, the revolutionary Nastec system for remote controlling devices.

SUND, the solar pool pump

SUND is the Nastec range of solar pumps for the circulation and filtering of pool water.

VASCO Solar - VAriable Speed COntroller MP

VASCO Solar - VAriable Speed COntroller ensures the functioning of the pump at any hour of the day

Inverter MIDA

Ideal for water booster sets, HVAC systems with circulating pumps and control of submersible pumps

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Free training courses

Nastec organizes free training courses in the new In House training room.