Drip irrigation solar system

Drip irrigation is one of the most effective applications of solar pumping systems.

It is now known that drip irrigation is a system rich in advantages that works with micro-irrigation (therefore very low water flow rates, in relation to the unit of time) to drive the right amount of water to each individual plant, flower bed or crop, only where it is needed, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

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The main advantages of drip irrigation systems are:

  • micro-irrigation the ideal solution to automatically water the plants, giving each only the amount of water really needed, without waste.
  • drip irrigation avoids stagnation of water that rot the roots of plants, cause the proliferation of fungus and disperse the important nutrients contained in fertilizers.
  • a drip system can evolve over time because as plants or pots increase, new pipes, fittings and drippers can be added to the network.

Nastec therefore integrates its knowledge and skills in solar powered pumping systems in drip irrigation applications in a complete and effective way:

  • Nastec systems can satisfy every type of need up to 500 meters of head and up to 4,000,000 liters / day.

The operation is completely automatic, powered by solar energy and with the possibility of being remotely monitored, from the comfort of home.
In this way it contributes to the supply of primary resources without the use of electricity from the grid, using renewable energy sources for an increasingly eco-sustainable and green planet.
In addition to the complete supply of the turnkey system, we are able to follow the customer throughout the dedicated design of the system based on the water requirements.

The first solar-powered drip irrigation system in Northern Italy!

In the presence of numerous local authorities, the first solar drip irrigation system in Northern Italy was inaugurated this year.

Affected area

The irrigated area is a portion of the vineyard located in the hills of Valdobbiadene in Treviso.

Note the difference between the drip irrigation areas with the Nastec solar pumping system (area inside the dashed line) and those with traditional irrigation.

Irrigated area

Solar-powered pumping system

The water collection tank has been deliberately placed at the top of the cultivation so that, due to gravity, the pipes that create the irrigation network can fill and irrigate independently in any weather condition.

In this way there will always be water available, even in situations with little sun or in the less sunny months.

Nastec devices powered by solar energy are however designed in such a way as to always use the maximum power available from the solar system, as they are equipped with the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function:

tracking of the maximum power point: allows you to maximize, for different irradiation and temperature conditions, the electrical power obtained from the panel or the amount of water pumped.

How it works

Discover the technology we have used

The operating system is made with:

  • photovoltaic system
  • Nastec device powered by solar energy (4HS Mp with ) for pumping water
  • water collection tank
  • network of pipes for the supply of water to crops, plants, trees or in any case for all plants arranged in rows made with:
  • micro-irrigation pipes: diameters from the largest (16-20 mm) for the primary line and the smallest ones (4 mm) for the secondary line to which the drippers / micro-sprinklers are connected.
  • dripping pipes: equipped with internal drippers, spaced apart with different flow rates according to the uses and water needs.
  • micro-perforated porous pipes that exude water along its entire surface, wetting the entire surface evenly and avoiding soil erosion. (may be slightly buried)

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