Vintaly 2023: an announced success

The 55th edition of Vinitaly, from 2 to 5 April 2023, proved to be a success, both for the increase in visitors and exhibitors, and for the quality of the new projects announced

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The 93,000 attendances, with the participation of over 4,000 exhibiting companies from 143 countries, confirmed that Vinitaly is an essential point of reference for professionals. A largely positive result which is also due to the synergy between the operators, according to Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere:

“We are particularly satisfied with the response we are receiving from companies and territories, which represent the true strength of this event”. (

The entrance to Vinitaly 2023

A fair enriched by the off-show Vinitaly and the City, whose events and tastings in the most spectacular places in Verona recorded a 50% increase in bookings compared to 2022. (

A party to Palazzo della Ragione

Nastec participated in Enolitech, convinced that the use of the most modern solar technology is today more advantageous than ever in the wine-growing chain, given the current economic, energy and climatic challenges, which can be overcome with the right approach.

Nastec team at Enolitech hall

Nastec managers were positively impressed by the response from industry operators, who came to meet them at the stand with curiosity and interest, thus confirming the value of an idea that Nastec has been following for some years: to encourage the use of sustainable and innovative technology, in one of the strategic sectors of the Italian economy.

Innovation, sustainability and quality are the objectives that have guided the Nastec team in the creation of Nastec 360, turn-key solar pumping systems.

During Enolitech, Nastec managers had the opportunity to present Nastec 360 to many interested visitors, who proved to be attentive to new technologies, applied to a precious area of Italian tradition such as the wine sector.

Solar pumping system

But how does Nastec 360 work?

In the solar pumping system, the pump is powered directly by photovoltaic panels, without the need for expensive batteries. The water can be pumped immediately to the point of use, or collected in a raised tank or basin, placed at different heights, to be used when necessary, even in the absence of light.

Nastec 360 system can be installed both on new pumping systems and on existing systems, transforming them into solar powered systems.

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Operation scheme

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