Nastec NOW app installation and use

Find out how to install and use all the features of the Nastec NOW app


Modbus is a serial communication protocol and allows communication between many devices connected to the same network.

Which differential (RCD) to use to protect the inverters?

Over the last few decades, the variety of differential protection devices has steadily increased.

Disturbances and interference in the system

The introduction of an inverter into a system can cause the development of annoying and sometimes harmful disturbances / interference. Find out all the solutions.

COMBO mode

The Nastec COMBO mode consists in using multiple pumps in parallel (up to 8) each connected to an inverter.

Complete firmware update

Thanks to Nastec Now App, it's today possible to easily perform a complete firmware update

FOC, what it is and how it works

Find out what is the FOC (Field Oriented Control) motor control implemented in the "FOC-ready" inverters

Nastec Service

Find out how to use all the services of the Nastec Service web portal
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